Sustainability / Reuse

verwendungsmoeglichkeiten cwc 

1. Place in water and heat

Remove the cap from the flacon.Use a suitable vessel and add a sufficient amount of water to it.Now put the empty perfume flacon in the water bath and place it on the stove over medium heat.

Now heat the water bath to approx. 75°C and let the hot water do its job. The adhesive dissolves after approx. 45 minutes.

2. Separate the empty flacon from the ceramic piece

Wait until the water has cooled down completely.Then you can separate the empty flacon from the ceramic piece with a little tug.


3. Reuse and disposal

Now you can continue to use the Gmundner Keramik collectible on its own. (decoration object, storage container, etc.)

Please dispose of the empty flacon properly afterwards! 

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